Lubbock Emergency Communication District

District office hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Public Education

Services provided by LECD and its staff range from on-site presentations to educational materials for group distribution. These supplements can be made available to you or at your on-site presentation, or by contacting the LECD Public Education Coordinator at (806) 747-6911.

Road Show Team

The Lubbock 9-1-1 Road Show Team was developed in response to public needs for more on-site presentations in schools and for organizations. It is comprised of individuals from the Lubbock Emergency Communication District and 9-1-1 responding agencies. The Road Show Team travels to locations all over Lubbock County providing life saving information on the use of 9-1-1. The team tailors each presentation to meet the specific needs or concerns of the group to which they are presenting. They routinely give presentations for schools, safety/health fairs, churches, civic groups and senior adult groups.

How Can I Request a Presentation?

Any of our 9-1-1 public education activities can be easily coordinated for your event. For more information, contact our offices by calling (806) 747-6911.